Richard D. Marks III, Founder

Richard Marks Restorations Inc. began in 1985 to provide a qualified resource for persons seeking advice or services concerning the stabilization, preservation, restoration and conservation of historic buildings and sites. Today, Richard Marks Restorations, Inc. retains several preservation and documentation consultants as well as over thirty full-time carpenters, masons, plasterers and decorative craftspeople. RMR, Inc. facilities include workshops for cabinetry, millwork, stone, plaster casting, and a lab for analytical conservation examination and research.

Richard Marks completed the South Carolina general contractors exam in 1984. He graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in construction management from the College of Architecture at Clemson University. While there he participated in a semester of studies in Italy, with a focus on European conservation and restoration practices. He undertook graduate studies in Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in architectural conservation and historic building techniques, and received his certificate in 1995. He currently serves on the Alumni Advisory Board for Historic Structures at Clemson University and is an lecturer at the Charleston campus of the Clemson University Graduate Center in Historic Preservation. Richard is a former trustee with the Historic Charleston Foundation and an advisor for many other non-profit, preservation, and community organizations.

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