We realize that there are many levels of restoration. Each project is unique, with its own set of priorities and programs. Our mission is to respond with sensitivity to their historic fabric and the desires of their owners. That's why we partner with some of the finest preservation architects, interior designers, and landscape architects in the business. We also offer in-house design services, should you prefer, along with fine furniture restoration and reproduction.


Our ability to "read" your historic structure comes from years of practical experience in the field. As a general contracting firm, our business depends upon accurate documentation and estimating, as well as knowing the "ins and outs" of dealing with Federal, State and local ordinances. Without a doubt, a preservation project can seem overwhelming, but when you have our expertise as a guide, the process is that much easier.


Who, what, when and where? Answering these questions is vital to a successful and authentic restoration. We can provide both documentary and physical research for your project or museum. We team with trained architectural conservators and researchers to flesh out the chronology of the structure, because a building is much more than the sum of its parts. The design process is simplified when you know your building's history.

Let us help with your preservation project

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